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Salamah Health


Salamah Health promises you and your loved ones the latest and highest  standards of outpatient healthcare  services through a dynamic process of ongoing assessment, transitions and shifting care plans  to nurture our patient’s healing process in the best way possible


Our team is a group of compassionate, competent, and devoted caregivers which includes:

-Registered nurses

-Physical therapists

-Occupational therapists



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Our Policies & Procedures

Salamah Health follows internationally standardized protocols and policies of care.

We operate through constant quality improvement using ongoing competency tests and unannounced visits for our nurses, quarterly staff training courses, and optimal patient-healthcare provider matching.


Every patient has a patient file that the assigned Nurse has to fill in daily. When starting with a patient the Head Nurse performs a Physical and Occupational Assessment and hands the Nursing Care Plan specific to the case to the assigned Nurse. The Nurse abides by the Care Plan to ensure the improvement of the patient's health. The Nurses are followed up daily from the office.


Privacy Policy 

Our organization is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your identifiable health information. In conducting our business, we will create records regarding you and the treatment and services we provide to you. We are required by law to maintain the confidentiality of health information that identifies you. We are also required by law to provide you with this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices concerning your identifiable health information. By law, we must follow the terms of the notice of privacy practices that we have in effect at the time.


 The relation between Salamah Health and the patient is strictly confidential. Salamah Health will not share the patient information to any third party (doctors-hospitals-clinics).

 The Nursing File is a property of Salamah Health. During the period of service snd after the patient case is closed the Nursing file will not be shared to any third party. 

Patient records will not be handed to the patient family nor his/her physician. If the family or physician desire to go through it they can do so with the nurse assigned at home when the case is running or at Salamah Health office when the case is closed.

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