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Homehealth care: home nursing, physiotherapy, and more in Lebanon

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Salamahhealth is a member of  the American Association for Homecare

What is Home Heathcare?

The wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home healthcare is less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get at a hospital or a skilled nursing facility.


Home Healthcare?

+ Less risk of hospital-acquired infections

Familiar environment to the patient

Tailored one-on-one patient care

Cost effecient

Interested in our services and need more information or a quote of our fees?

We would like to say a big thank you to Salamah Health for their help in finding and managing our two male home nurses. We are always treated in a respectful and a friendly manner in any concern we raise.  The management makes us feel as if we are talking to a family member. We recommend working with Salamah Health.

Family of Alzheimer’s patient, 24 hours services.

We have been using Salamah Health services for over a year, and we have been very happy with the service they have provided us. They are always available for any queries, and have proven extremely reactive, professional and friendly in tense and delicate situations. They take full responsibility for the staff they employ. They have gone beyond the call of duty to assure that we were happy and satisfied. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  

Family of Alzheimer’s and Dialysis patient, 12 hours service.

I have received incredible services from Salamah Home Healthcare. I have been receiving 24-hours/daily nursing & physiotherapy services for quite some time and the nurses have shown up through seasonal challenges without missing any appointments.  The care is excellent, nurses very compassionate and understanding; and take care of problems that comes along either big or small. 

Family of Parkinson’s and NG tube patient, 24 hours services.


Salamah Health has been providing help for my father for a couple of years, who has many chronic diseases at an old age.  They have consistently been very attentive, caring and supportive of my dad.  Their nurses are vetted and matched to each patient.  Having them manage my father's healthcare needs, has enabled us to focus more on quality time with him.  We highly recommend them!

Family of Parkinson’s and Dialysis patient, 12 hours services.

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