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1. Less Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections:

At the comfort of their homes, patients are not at risk of contracting hospital-acquired infections.

Although outside a hospital setting, the patient receives the highest standard of nursing care by registered nurses. These nurses operate in major hospitals, with experience ranging simple procedures up to intensive care.

2. Tailored One-on-one Care:

Whether medical or non-medical, patients receive compassionate care tailored to their specific needs on a one-to-one basis.

Nurses at Salamah Health are individually matched according to the patient’s specific Nursing Care Plan.

3. Accerlerated Healing:

Numerous scientific research have shown that patients heal physically and emotionnally faster when they are in a familiar environment, i.e. home.

When at home, the patient has more freedom in movement (walking around the house), in daily activities (receiving friends and family, gardening...), more personal choices regarding the meals to eat, the schedule of the day, and less rest interruptions.

Salamah Health nurses encourage the patients' independance and help them maintain their privacy and dignity, while supervising their health status.

4. Cost Efficient

The financial burden associated with hospitalization or long-term institutional care, can be significantly decreased by providing high quality care at home.

5.Relief for Family Members

Sometimes taking care of our sick loved ones can be challenging to family members.

The nurses in Salamah Health will alleviate this burden by providing the right know- how and necessary skills to more confidentially take over.

Our nurses will give the caregivers a chance to rest and pursue their personal obligations with the serenity that their loved ones are in safe hands.

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